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Raston Ayurveda provides all supports like visual, reminder, pads, detailing bags etc.
Timely delivery and 24*7stock availability is our strength.
Raston Ayurveda provides maximum profit margin to their distributors to conduct business with finance freedom.

In case if distributor requires any new products, we try to procure it at minimum time for betterment of our distributors. Look at other prospectus that takes us ahead of other companies are packaging of international standards, wide range, flexible term & conditions, marketing help and promotional material etc.

It is easy process to become our distributor.

Fill contact form or contact us at contact number or e-mail ID provided at website.
Please mention your area, contact number and experience compulsory, so our sales team easily sort out your query. (Incomplete queries may not be answered)
As per availability, vacancy or requirement, our sales executive will contact you through phone or e-mail
Product list and price list will be sent to you
finalizing all term and conditions
Place order as per requirement according to price list
Start Distribution ship of Raston Ayurveda Products

• Ayurvedic Sales and Marketing Professionals
• Ayurvedic Distributors and Wholesalers
• BAMS, BUMS and BSMS Doctors
• Vaids, Hakims and Other ayurvedic practitioners
• Ayurvedic Retail Counters having good annual turnover
• MLM Distributors
• Ayurvedic Franchise Distributors

We always encourage young professionals to start own distribution ship business with us.
For that reason we don’t have any minimum investment policy.
You can start with investment as you would like to start.
We believe in continuous growth hence regular order and regular increment in sales will be highly appreciable.

More than 10 Years of Experience

Raston Ayurveda was started in 2012 by aiming to provide chemical free future to our new generation.