• Our Associates:

    People have been spending lot of money on allopathic medicines and are still suffering. Now a large majority is switching on or considering

    alternative medicines. Our Herbal products are gaining grounds in the market very quickly

    Our products can be supplied to trading community any where in the world. We already supply our products to shops/ayurveda spas/ayurveda massage centres, physicians and people doing part time business from the luxury of their homes to earn extra income.

  • Work for Yourself:

    We advise you to join us for full time or part time work in a very simple way. Our endeavour is to tell interested people ways to make money and give them income opportunity, a chance to earn extra money by selling our products. We do not presume there are any limits to your income working from home. This entirely depends on you that how much you want to do and earn from this home business opportunity. Just enjoy it & link it with your social life. You work for yourself only to earn extra.

  • Choose products you want to sell:

    We have an extensive range of pure natural herbal products, which include Health Care skin care beauty products, natural bath products, ayurvedic oils, aloe vera products, natural remedy products, single herb remedy products, herbal remedy teas etc. We have natural cure products for all medical conditions. Our products do not contain any artificial chemicals, colours or preservatives.
    You have to make a choice and choose what you want to sell and only take the ones you decide on.

  • No experience:

    What you need the most is willingness to work. It is very important if you want it to take off. The only other thing you will need is to communicate well, as you're selling a product that people will ask questions about. It will not take ages to know about the details of products.

  • What we Expect:

    It will be always in our own interest to give you as much help and support as possible. As you are selling our name, we expect you to show certain amount of professionalism and courtesy in your day to day dealings with customers and all concerned. Needless to state that as with any business opportunity, success depends largely on the individual’s will to do, skills, motivation and devoted efforts. If you have these then there can’t be looking back.

    We can supply/export our products any where in the world.


    Once you have considered our proposal for trading and to be our franchise or you need any further queries with regard to your margin of profit, you can write to us in confidence at or fill up the form given in contact us page.